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Audio Media
As quickly and dramatically as the technology of car stereo equipment has evolved, so has that of audio media. From Edison's wax and foil cylinders to today's microchip storage, the audio media has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of size, stability and quality. We carry all of the car stereo accessories and car stereo parts that you will need to carry around all of your media.





Max time

Max number of
3.5 minute songs 

Tin cylindar 1877 6"  n/a  4 minutes 1
Vinyl record 1948 12"  n/a 30-60 minutes 17
8-track tape 1965 6"    34
Cassette tape 1963 4"   60 minutes 17
Compact Disc 1982  5"   70 minutes 20
MP3's 1995 - Compact Disc (MP3)  6"x1/16th"  700mb  ~11.6 hours 200 songs
- Secure Digital Card 8gb   1.2"  8gb   2,285,714 songs
USB drive 16gb  2"  16gb   4,571,428 songs



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